I have a lifetime license, but it is telling me it isn't valid

I recently had to wipe my mac and reinstall the OS. when I try to reinstall and open rekordbuddy, it won’t let me verify. It keeps telling me my license number is wrong, and was too many characters. I started trying to remove characters and try by trial and error. Now it says “couldn’t find any previous authorizations contact support” It won’t open. What do I need to do to fix this?

First thing first, let’s make sure the license key you have is correct. You shouldn’t need trial and error, it’s a 32 character string that you can find in this section](https://docs.next.audio/using-rekord-buddy/frequently-asked-questions#where-do-i-find-my-license-number) in the Rekord Buddy manual.

I order to start from scratch and undo anything you did by trying random numbers, just delete the Rekord Buddy folder in your music folder and start again.