I Have A Huge Library: I Can Work The Program But I Can't Sort By Tags

Rekord Buddy 2.0.22

Yoesemite 10.10

Close All Library and When I Right Click To Sort By Tags I Expected It To Open It Shuts Down The App Entirely I Also Tried On My Late 2012 Macbook Pro 12inch With 4GB Ram I5 Processor Same Results

How Can I Fix This From Happening?

sorry you’re having trouble. Are you getting the option to send a crash log when you restart?

i sent nurmourous i havent used it in a bit but i have created a library i want to edit it but that “wonderful Thing” Keeps Popping Up Wont Even Go Through Parsing I Check My Library Remove corrupted files rebuild overviews even start from scratch its a 2009 15 inch macbook pro im running high sierra but still issues … and btw im also having issues with a slow finder … may that be the issue?

also My Email Is *********** if you can trace my reports i love the program i just would like to get to the program so i can really grasp its full capabilities but this sync stuff makes it repetitive!!!

Could you email support via the site and we can get the crash log checked out?

I edited one of your posts @djwallout so that your email isn’t posted publicly on the forum. This will save you getting tons of spam :slight_smile:

also currently i have high sierra … and still having the same issues i kind of skipped out on using the app in the while and i try using it now and then im about to try it now… can i reply with it here or no?

the crash log by the way

just sent it in To Support @astromach

I can take a look at the crash log and get back to you. I’m assuming you have a support ticket opened?

Do You Mind Reseting My Authorizations On My Computers Im Getting A Error Opening Saying Its On Too Many Computers

I’ve reset your auths. You can DM me directly next time if you want.

I cannot send logs here . too Many Character @damien

That’s fine. We can parse logs here anyway, it’s just a discussion forum.

Did you send the crash report using the in-app method? If so I can take a look and see if we received them.

sent like 2 or 3 from both apps

Let me see if I can find the crash logs.

im in high sierra now 1tb ssd late 2012 13 inch laptop 10gb memory so its different from before im guessing its my tags of my songs maybe

It looks like you have some malformed tags in some of your tracks. Can you try this custom beta build?


Just unzip and install it in your Application folder. This may be able to work around the issue.

well my library has synced … i got itunes migrated in rekord buddy and then migrated into serato … my only issue now is importing new tracks … do you have any ways i can do that cuz i started using itunes again and the migrating transitions is going to get tiresome everyweek

but thank you its working after this weekend ima start making some in deaf playlists