How to Export a rekordbox collection to XML playlist in rekord buddy?

I don’t know how to use RB v2.1

  1. I Export a rekordbox collection to XML
    2.Then I open the RB , I can’t find the new playlist
    how to update the export collection?
    thank you

Hi there!
Just drag an drop your xml in the side bar and then drag an drop your tracks or your playlist in rekordbuddy collection.

What @Dj_Hairless says :slight_smile:

Note that 2.1 has a brand new manual in the Help menu where all this is explained in great details. Check it out.

hi~they update the new one ,i just can drag the XML to rekordbox plaulist ,it update that folder ,then i go to file save change ,not sync to the serato,please help ,thank you

I need to make sure I understand what you mean.

  • What is ‘the new one’? Can you post an exact version number?
  • Where is the rekordbox playlist that you drag an XML file onto? Do you mean the rekordbox collection header in Rekord Buddy’s sidebar?
  • What do you mean by ‘update that folder’? DO you mean drag the folder in Rekord Buddy from rekordbox to Serato?
  • After doing this and exiting Rekord Buddy, do you see a dialog offering to save changes?

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