How do I specify my Serato library location


My primary Serato library is on my USB key. It has all of my beat grids, loops and cues. I’m using the Serato copy flow to add tracks to this library and then organizing and updating it on the go.

How can I point RekordBuddy to this library? Ideally I’d like to sync this library to a Rekordbox library on the same USB key.


Is the actual collection database stored on the USB storage as well?

Correct, it is. This makes it really easy to pop the USB key into any computer and have all the crates immediately show up in Serato.

Rekord Buddy should see Serato collection on external drives as long as the drive is mounted when you launch the app. It currently doesn’t check after that.

You want make sure you use the 2.1beta here to make sure you are importing from Serato and Exporting to rekorbdox. Using 2.0, which is trying to do the right thing with any change, could confuse the syncing engine with the drive being plugged in or not.

One last point, rekordbox collection are not stored on external drives. They are always on the home drive (although the tracks can be on an external drive).

Thanks for the explanation. I toggled off iTunes Library in Serato (showing only files on the external USB key) and ran the import and it totally worked! :smile:

Glad to hear it! It’s always a good time when it works :sweat_smile: