How do i move my Serato DJ Pro(2.3.2) library, which is on an External hard drive to Rekord Buddy 2.136 then to Rekordbox?

I’m not understanding how to make this move and a event is coming up Feb. 1, 2020.I would like to utilize my DDJ 1000.

I made your post public since it didn’t need to be a DM.

Tell me more about what you are doing so I can understand what is going on.

  • Do you see your external Serato collection in Rekord Buddy?
  • Did you init rekordbox in Rekord Buddy?
  • Did you try to drag one track from Serato to rekordbox?
  • After exiting and saving can you see that track in the rekordbox XML section in rekordbox?
  • Can you import that track in rekorbox from the rekordbox XML to the collection itself?

See what I mean? I need more info as to what you are doing and what works or doesn’t so that I can help you.

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Thank you Damien, just that little bit helped me greatly. I just followed your questions as instructions and it worked out perfectly. It was yes to the questions you asked. It all worked. I also clicked on the file tab in Rekordbox so I could export my Collection and update Rekordbox with Rekord Buddy 2. I believe a video like you did going from Rekordbox to Rekord Buddy 2 and back would be helpful going from Serato DJ Pro to Rekord Buddy 2 and back. :slight_smile: Damien, when working from an external HD, I have it copied in the select a drive settings for a external, but should it be highlighted or should it be looking faded? because I get messages like this pic.


When copying to a Rekord Buddy database, you need to make sure the tracks are on the same drive as the database. You can create new Rekord Buddy databases by right clicking on the main Rekord Buddy database at the top and choosing “New Collection” then pick the drive you want to create it on.

With that, you will be able to copy your tracks from the external drive onto that new collection on the same drive.

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