How do I make Rekordbox my primary database?

My Rekord Buddy Version: Most current

My OS Version: MacOS El Capitan

How do I set Rekord Buddy to grab my Rekordbox playlists and import them into Serato? Since I made the switch from Serato to Rekordbox, I decided to just stick with Rekordbox. Yesterday I tried to sync the databases but Serato remained unchanged (I did have the "Protect this database) checkboxes for both Serato and Rekordbox. Is it just a matter of unchecking the Protect this database box for Serato and leave it on for Rekordbox?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re using 2.0 it always tries to sync the latest changes so changing something only in rekordbox (don’t forget to re-export the XML) would cause the changes to be synced over. Also make sure you’re not protecting one of the databases you are trying to update (in the preferences).

If you want complete control over this (a lot of people do), I would suggest hoping over to the 2.1beta which lets you decide where to import from and where to export to. That way you can be sure that you can fine tune what is synced in what direction.

An upcoming 2.1beta build should give you even more fine-grained control over this.


Thanks for this info, I guess I was missing the step of re-exporting the XML! And sorry for opening a ticket, I guess I was impatient. Thanks again for the help and great product.

You’re welcome! Absolutely not a problem about the ticket :slight_smile:

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