How do I get started with Rekord Buddy?

You’ve just downloaded the app and you’re ready to start using it! Wait up. There are some important information that will help you make the most of Rekord Buddy and make sure the app syncs data the way you want it to.

Make sure you have complete backups of your entire system.

Better safe than sorry. Complete backups (like Time Machine) are always best but if you want to backup individual collection you can check the FAQ section for rekordbox, Traktor or Serato in the Rekord Buddy manual for help on how to backup those collection. Keep in mind that those collections backups will NOT include your track files.

Watch a quick video to see how the workflow works.

RTFM. :kissing_heart:

You can find a detailed manual online by using the link found in the app’s help menu or by clicking here. Read it. It’s very useful.

Check the preferences.

Preferences have a huge effect on what gets copied and how. You want to make sure you understand what all the options do and are ok with the choices you have made.

Using Rekord Buddy with rekordbox.

There are extra steps when setting up rekordbox to use with Rekord Buddy and when copying changes back and forth between the two collections. Check the rekordbox section in the manual for more info or watch the quick video below

Reach out if you need help.

Report any issues to the support section of this forum and don’t forget to mention the exact version/build number in your email subject. “Latest” doesn’t work. Don’t send crash logs via email and don’t use social media for support related issues. For more info on asking for help, the right way, read this topic.

(This topic is locked as is it only a FAQ entry. To get help or discuss the topic head over to the Support Category or or DM @damien directly if you don’t want your request to be public.

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