How do I change to import from a different software?

I’d like to know how to change the settings in RB2 so I’m importing from rekordbox instead of Serato, I re-downloaded RB2 but couldn’t find any settings I could change to achieve that. Please help!

Thank you

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2
My OS Version: 10.10.5

2.0 was a little confusing to people because it tried to sync changes from any collection to any collection, which meant people weren’t truly in control of what was going on.

I’m fixing this with the 2.1beta so that it lets you choose were to import from and were to export to.

The up and coming build for 2.1 will actually simply let you drag and drop from one collection to another. For the time being, I recommend trying the build listed above and it will automatically update to the new one when it’s available.

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