Hotcue Color Guide

Is it possible to get a guide listing the compatible colors side by side?

That’s not a bad idea for the manual. Every color in one app should map to another color in another app bit of course they are not always exactly the same so a translation chart could be a good thing.

If you see colors that don’t export to an app, give me an example because they should all at least map to something.

They are all currently exporting. However, some colors come out as different colors between Rekordbox and Serato. This isn’t a big deal, but a chart in the manual will help with visual feedback (I use the screen as just a browser when using Serato and utilize cue point colors as my labelling method for track parts).

I can also tweak some of the translations based on user feedback.

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Cool. I will get a chart put together tonight. :slight_smile:

Did you put one together, I’d be interested to see this.


Me too obviously :slight_smile:

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