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Genius211 is correct, we truly appreciate what you have done and continue to do for us… However I am a bit lost in terms of how to “export” my changes to. For example, my base library is Serato, which i would then import to record buddy, and then export out to Rekord Box, and then go into the XML and work in Rekord box… with this update I have dragged and dropped the playlists I want under Rekord Box (in Rekord buddy), but how do I export the changes to show up in Rekord Box?

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In 2.1, you will need to export your rekordbox collection to XML, drag that onto the rekordbox sidebar line in Rekord Buddy to initialize it, then you can drag your changes either from the Rekord Buddy collection or directly from the Serato section in Rekord Buddy (you can do that now :slight_smile: ) then the rest is the same, go to rekordbox and drag the changes from the XML bridge to the rekordbox collection.

Check out the online manual (in the Help menu), it describes all this pretty well.


Damien created a step by step video explaining this on Vimeo.
Worth checking out for any extra steps you may be missing.

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Then follow it with this step for Rekordbox…

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