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This should be good…

you wouldn’t know anything about it… :rofl:

DJ Worx has a link from a newly posted video and some tasty screen grabs too.

DJ Tech Tools dug up what seems to be the now obligatory ‘leaked picture’ from some big name artist.


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If anyone has missed it, here is the update with load and loads of pretty pictures. Looks like a great mixer and even has support for insert effects which is a must for me.

Now I’d love to know how ‘fixed’ the filter button really is…

At 6:25 here I think he is saying that there is no click… :pray:t2:

In the wild.

In the shop:

Straight from an A&E representative (over email):

The way in which we addressed how the filters are engaged on the Xone:96 was not the adoption of the 0db crossing like the Model 1 has. But instead, we used Mosfet transistors to work as relays when turning on and off the filter circuit, we found this offers a smoother transition when activating the filters.

So it’s ‘smoother’ and the click is ‘minimised’. This makes me equal parts of worried and excited. Is it fixed or is it not? If yes, take my money.

More from the email conversation with A&E:

This morning I have personally set up a 96 to test out and listen to the filters myself. I found that there were no Audible artifacts when playing audio through the 96 and engaging the filters.

The only way in which I could hear any form of an artifact was if I had absolutely no audio running and I turn up the output to a level where I was listening to the noise floor of the mixer. Now, I’m telling you this so to be absolutely transparent as to how I feel the mixer operates, and to be honest, the second test is not really that fair, because this is not nominal use of a mixer, so this should not be of any real concern.

Kudos to A&E for being so transparent on this. The noise floor is completely reasonable. This is giving me a good feeling…

I think this settles it, first ‘feature’ they mention in the video.

Yeesh. Those levels tho.

Two thoughts:

  • It’s Techno, it sounds better when everything is over driven.
  • The dude was told to stay out of the red, not the blue.

I don’t understand what’s difficult to understand about “+0”?

Manufacturers have messed this up though, most of them don’t have 0db at 0db unfortunately.

It’s more likely Pioneer’s nonsensical level meters.

They’re not the only one doing it. The MP2015 had that too. And it sucks.

Still running those levels high… #jesuspose #doyouevenbluelinebro

Took delivery of mine yesterday. My impressions so far are: :heart_eyes: ZOMG :heart_eyes:


Not everyone is as cool as you… commoners like me get stuff when it ships.