Hot Cues from Serato not showing up in rekordbox

One other question concerning the loops. Where can I find these

For example the good old Abba song where cue points are imported from Serato:

And the info in Rekord Buddy

Where in Rekordbox can I find the 2 mentioned loops?

If I select the “duplicate hot cues as memory cues when writing to rekordbox” I get the points but not the loop sign in the memory overview

Thanks again for your support!! Cue points work great! This saves a lot of time!

Try something for me. Move your last two hot cues in Serato to slot 3 and 4 for example (instead of 7 and 8 like they are right now).

Save in Serato, in Rekord Buddy copy the track over to rekordbox and then in rekordbox import the changes from the XML bridge.

Do the two hot loops appear then?

Hi Damien,
Yes they do appear in the hot cues! The loops do not appear in the memory cues.

What I did:

  1. changed items in Serato from bank 1/2 to 3/4:

Then in Rekord buddy see new info:

Copying this to Rekordbox (in Rekord Buddy)

Imported it via xml in Rekordbox:
A. Without selecting "Duplicate hot cues to memory points
They do appear in the hot cues

No memory points:

B. With “Duplicate hot cue to memory point selected”
In rekord buddy:

In rekordbox:

Loops do appear, but only available in the hot cue. Since the maximum number of hot cues is 8 I guess the max of hot cues and loops together is 8, or is there a way to have 8 hot cues and on top of that 1 or 2 loops?

Again thanks for your support and great tool! It already saved me a lot of time!

I moved this to a new topic because it is a very good thing for others to read about if they are stuck in the same situation.

So yes, the issue here is that rekordbox only had 8 hotcue/hotloops slots. Serato has 8 hotcues and 8 hotloops so something has to give.

When I convert the serato hotcues, I add the hotloops at the end of the hotcues, so if you have hotcues in slot 7 and 8 in Serato, the loops would go in 9 and 10 which do not exist in rekordbox. That’s why they end up dropped.

The missing loops in the memory cues seems like a bug. Let me take a look.

Missing loop will be fixed in 2.1.30.

Hi, I’m able to import from Serato to Rekordbox no problem (as long as delete the track from collection 1st).
But after I import from the XML all the cues are the same color in Rekordbox (green) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: how can i fix this? See pics.

Im on the latest updates for all softwares. RB v2.1.30(694)

Rekord buddytrack info after transferring it from Serato

Rekordbox track info after transferring it from Rekord buddy

As you can see, all of them are green. In serato all 4 are different, red, orange, green, yellow.

Hi Damien, Thanks, problem is indeed solved, loops appear in the memory cues.

@bigkiwi So that is weird… as you can seek rekordbox is correct here since it looks like Rekord Buddy writes no colors to the markers.

I tried to reproduce this here and the colors are coming thru fine for me. Let me think of something we can try to diagnose this.

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Any thoughts? Am I the only one?

I can’t repro here. What happens if you delete the track in the rekordbox ‘All Tracks’ section in Rekord Buddy and then re-drag it from Serato? What markers show in the rekordbox section then?

Ok so, deleting it from the ‘All Tracks’ section & adding it directly from Serato to Rekordbox did work :grin:

What I did originally was take the tracks from Serato, drag them into Rekord buddy tracks area & then drag them from Rekord buddy to Rekordbox. This way resulted in the all green cues.

Interesting. We’re making progress :slight_smile:

Can you delete the track again, repeat the two step way (via the Rekord Buddy collection) and check that the problem is reproducible?

I already did before replying just to check & it turned them all green again.

Ok let me see if I can repro this here.

Colors have been included in the markers now that I’m dragging directly (serato 2 rekordbox).
They weren’t included when dragging from the Rekord Buddy collection to Rekordbox.

Found the problem. Will be fixed in 2.1.31 which should go out later today.

Thanks for your help!

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Your welcome.

I really appreciate the software & the transferring is so much faster now with the drag, drop n save.

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Thanks for the kind words.

As a side note, you see that you can now drag and drop directly from Serato to rekordbox if you want. There will be reasons to still use a Rekord Buddy collection down the road but it’s good to know that’s always a quick option too.

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