Hot Cue Not Syncing from Traktor -> rekordbox

My Rekord Buddy Version: v2.0.22(217)

My OS Version: macOS Mojave 10.14.5
Traktor Version: 3.1.1 8
rekordbox Version: 5.6.0

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Add hot cue point to a track in Traktor, and close the app.
  2. Open Rekord Buddy, press sync.
  3. Message pops up: “Syncing ended succesfully and caused changes in rekordbox and Rekord Buddy.”
  4. Close Rekord Buddy and Open rekordbox.
  5. Import the song from “rekordbox xml”

What I expected to happen:
The new added hot cues in Traktor appears in rekordbox.

What actually happens instead:
They don’t.

However, I when completely uninstall Rekord Buddy with AppCleaner, and re-install it, let the app sync again, the new hot cues(and the old ones) do appear in rekordbox.
But when I proceeded to add more hot cues, the problem occurred.

Weird thing is, when I add new tracks to Traktor and set hot cues, the tracks + the cues do show up in rekordbox after syncing with Rekord Buddy. But when I open Traktor again to add more hot cues to the same song, the new cues don’t appear in rekordbox after syncing with Rekord Buddy.

Please help.


This could be due to the difference with hot cues and memory cues in rekordbox. We added an option in the old 2.1 beta to let you duplicate when syncing from other software to rekordbox.

The option is in the rekordbox tab of the preferences, ‘Duplicated hot cues as memory cues’


Thanks for the quick reply.
I downloaded and installed the 2.1 beta you provided, and ticked the ‘Duplicated hot cues as memory cues’ box, but the problem persists.
No hot cues nor memory cues added to rekordbox after syncing.

Can you post a screenshot of your hotcues in Traktor?

Does this happen for every track?

Yes it does happen for every track.

Have you tried with ‘force import/export’ ticked?

I’m not sure how to.

When you sync with the beta, there’s an option to tick on the popup where you choose where to export/import.

Yes, I have tried force import/export. Still the same result.

Can you DM me a zipped copy of your collection.nml from Traktor? I’d like to try and reproduce this here if possible.

Look in your latest Traktor folder, there should be a file called collection.nml, zip it up (i,.e archive file) and send that to me via DM.

DM sent.

By the way, this just happened today:
I Just created a new playlist in Traktor for my show in this weekend. Opened Rekord Buddy and synced. Opened rekordbox, the new playlist isn’t in the “rekordbox xml” menu. But in Rekord Buddy, the playlist is there.

As shown in the pictures down below, the playlist “ITS FULL ON” isn’t appearing in rekordbox.
16 07

Update. Here’s what happened after my last reply:

Uninstall Rekord Buddy 2.1 Beta with AppCleaner, and re-install it. -> Same result, new playlist ain’t in rekordbox.
Uninstall both Rekord Buddy 2.1 Beta and 2.0 with AppCleaner, and only re-install the 2.0 one. -> Now the new playlist along with new hot cues shows up in rekordbox!!

And I proceeded to do the usual routine as a test: Add new hot cues in Traktor, sync with Rekord Buddy, open rekordbox, but the new hot cues are NOT there.

Seems like every time I make changes in Traktor, it requires me to completely uninstall Rekord Buddy and re-install it for both it and rekordbox to work properly?

Uninstalling shouldn’t make a difference. Resetting the database by holding CMD when you launch would do the same thing.

Uninstalling is never a good idea as it just potentially make the problem go away without any way of figuring out what caused it in the first place.

Swithing betwen 2.0 and 2.1 is also not recommended since 2.0’s syncing engine could get confused by things that 2.1 does to the files. It sound like what you are experiencing is a syncing bug in 2.0 but that should not be the case in 2.1 when you force export.

I synced some of the tracks you sent from the NML and the hot cues sync correctly for me. Can you try this for me:

  • Delete the rekordbox XML file in ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/rekordbox.xml
  • Force export your Rekord Buddy collection to rekordbox using 2.1.
  • Make sure rekordbox points to the correct XML file (you can delete the path in the setting and just press enter).
  • Make sure the tracks are correct in the exported XML.
  • Close other apps, open Traktor.
  • Pick a tracks, add a hot cue.
  • Close Traktor, open Rekord Buddy and force import from Traktor.
  • Make sure that track now has the right number of hotcues in Rekord Buddy (you can right click on a track and do get info, the cues are listed at the bottom of that dialog).
  • Force export to rekordbox
  • Close every else, open rekordbox and import the track from the XML bridge.

Let me know at what point things go awry for you there and if so, give me the name of the track where you are seeing those problems.

I’m having the same issue but in reverse. I use Rekordbox to do all of my beat grids, cues and Loops to sync with Traktor via Rekordbuddy. The initial sync exports everything fine. However, if I update any tracks in rekordbox with new hot cues, loops or beatgrids they don’t export to Traktor after the initial sync. I’ve tried all of the options like the above and the only one that works is too reset the dB which I don’t want to do again since I’ve lost all of my intelligent smart lists I’ve created in Rekordbuddy in the past. Help is appreciated to figure this out. Also, I have a large collection and it takes basically 24 hours for syncing when sometimes I’ve updated a few tracks that I want to export back into traktor

Which version are you on? Are you exporting to XML from rekordbox before syncing?

The one from a year ago (I believe), I don’t know how to validate if it is. The importing and exporting is working from Rekordbox DJ to Traktor but if I create any Rekordbuddy intelligent Playlist they are erased once I re-import any changes from Rekordbox.

Go to the menu and the top item will display the splash screen with the version number

It says v 2.1.obeta (557)

So is there a reason the Rekord Buddy created intelligent lists are deleted when I import from my Rekordbox DJ collection?