Hot cue colors Traktor -> Rekordbox

Hi Damien,

I was using Rekordbuddy 2.0 working with Traktor and Rekordbox. I updated to 2.1.38 which works well a faster. I like this new version but I wonder I you could add a feature.

Grid markers are imported from in blue color from Traktor to Rekordbox, (same color as hot cue)

My settings below:

Previews version (2.0.xx) imported grid markers in red color and hot cues in blue color. will it be possible to recover this feature?

Here an example of how it works now:

From traktor:

To Rekordbox:

As you can see, Grid mark from traktor (grey color) has been converted to blue color in Rekordbox, like a hot cue.

Here maker info:



I also realized that grid markers are not imported to rekordbox if it is not set to a hot cue (see last marker in traktor pic).

I think a better color conversion from Traktor to Rekordbox will be something like this:
(left side traktor / right side rekordbox)

Grid: grey -> purple
Hot cue: blue -> blue
Load: yellow -> yellow
Loop: green -> green
Fade in: orange -> orange
Fade out: orange -> red

Just changing Grid and Fade out, imported markers will be improved. Will it be possible?

Thanks in advance!

Let me see if I can reproduce this here. It should convert it to a default colour which in rekordbox is green I believe.

They are imported. Look at the marker info in your rekordbox track. The grid marker at 225 is there. rekordbox don’t display a marker in the waveform for those though but you should see the beat grid change.

I can also take a look at the coloraturas conversion. They should be set to the closest color available on the other side.

So this normal. I’m not sure how it worked before but in the current state of things, a grid marker that is on a hot cue in Traktor gets split into a grid marker and a hot cue. The hot cue is the default hot cue color in Traktor which is turquoise. That gets translated to blue in rekordbox.

I think down the road it would be nice to let user pick their color preferences for those translations. Can’t promise anything but it could be a nice feature.

Thank you very much Damien,

Changing grid color to red (or other color) when importing from Traktor to Rekordbox would be nice, but letting user pick color preferences is much better feature :smiley:

Hope you could add it in future updates.

Thanks for your support and very good job :wink:

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