Help with .xml files, USB stick, and Rekord Buddy

Hello, I’m trying to do something very simple: make playlists in Rekordbox, export them to usb, and play music off this usb in Traktor. I got Rekord Buddy to convert xml files to nml. However, I follow the instructions online to export the xml file, and that file imports fine into Rekord Buddy, but ultimately plays music off of my HD. This seems to be a Rekordbox .xml ‘bridge’ file, and this file tells Traktor to play my music off my computer’s HD. I want the music to play off the USB stick instead. Also, ideally I would be able to carry the .nml file around with me so I can play on other people’s Traktor setups. When I try to drag in the .xml files that live on the USB stick, Rekord Buddy will not help me. A little help would be much appreciated. Thank you

When you say ‘export them to usb’ do you mean export them using the rekordbox export to USB functionality?

Yes. I want Traktor to play playlists I made in Rekordbox off the USB, with all relevant info coming from the USB. I can drag Rekordbox’s xml ‘bridge’ file of all the playlists I made into Rekord Buddy, and then Traktor will attempt to play them off NAS where the music lives. But, I want the files and .xmls to live on a local usb stick and play everything off that, for two reasons:

  1. Traktor has issues playing off the NAS sometimes, and the song freezes.
  2. If the music and converted playlist files live on the usb, I can go to anyone’s Traktor setup with solely my usb stick and play off that machine with no issues.

The only work around I’ve found so far is exporting the .m3u8 file FROM the usb drive, converting the file format to .m3u (chopping off the 8 in finder), and importing that file into Traktor. Of course, Rekord Buddy does not assist me in any way with this method. If there is a way Rekord Buddy, which I already bought the other day, can streamline this process, it would be beneficial for me.

You connect the usb with the nml file and songs on laptop, you import the nml file but traktor plays the tracks from Nas, correct?
If that’s the problem, before to import the nml from usb, disconnect Nas. Import the nml from usb, check if it plays the tracks and then connect your Nas again.
Alternatively relocate the tracks

As of today, Rekord Buddy doesn’t really help with moving files around between volumes. It leaves all the files at the exact place that they are at in each collection.

That’s why it complains when you try to add a track to a Serato or Rekord Buddy collection that’s not on the same volume. It’s because it would have to move or copy the track’s file in order for this to work, which is currently doesn’t do.

This is something that’s planned for the future so I’m curious about finding out more with your situation.

Just to be clear, when you say you make playlist in rekordbox on the USB, you’re not saying you’re making USB data that a CDJ can read, right? You’r just copying the music files onto a USB stick and making rekordbox point to those files?

I export the playlists from Rekordbox and CDJs can play the files just fine (side note: I noticed the .xml files on my USBs’ directory still links to the file path of where they came from at home, not 100% sure how the CDJ’s know which file to play - I assume it has to do with the persistent ID field).

At the end of the day, I want to playlists that live on my usb to get imported to Traktor and have Traktor play the music off the USB, just like a CDJ does.

What I kept finding was, when I load the playlists from USB onto Traktor, Traktor sill tries to play the files from my NAS (sometimes that network path doesn’t load properly in Traktor and the file will stop playing half way through the track).

I thought that’s where Rekord Buddy would come in. I wish I could load Rekordbox playlists in Rekord Buddy, and have Traktor play those playlists in a format it could understand. It doesn’t seem like Rekord Buddy can do that; at least I can’t figure out how to make playlists in it that are pointed to the USBs, not the drive that the music originally lived in. I keep trying to drag the .xml files from the ‘playlists’ folder on my usb into Rekord buddy but it won’t copy in there. I get a plus sign when I hover over the folder, but the file won’t drop in there. I feel like if I can get the usb stick playlists into rekord buddy, I can have all my usb stick .xml playlists copied to a separate playlists folder of .nml files, and then the one usb stick is easily used with Traktor or a CDJ at any given time. This doesn’t seem to be the case. I can export the .xml ‘bridge’ file from Rekordbox into Rekord Buddy, but not the individual xmls from the USB. This xml bridge file will only play music from where it was originally imported into Rekordbox.

So, like I said, I can do this trick of exporting the .m3u8 file, chop off the 8 and then Traktor will read the playlist. Works fine except: 1, I have to do one playlist at a time, and 2, I’m not using Rekord Buddy anymore, which I paid for, hoping to bridge the gap between Rekord box and Traktor.

I think you are getting confused as to what goes on the USB. CDJs don’t read XML on a USB stick. Rekord Buddy doesn’t read XML on a USB stick. rekordbox doesn’t read the XML on a USB stick.

Let’s try and take it step by step and if possible, make your answers as short as possible otherwise it will get hard to keep track of a conversation.

You can achieve what you want to do. Some of this is actually rekordbox support but I’ll try to help the best I can.

Track files needs to be on the USB stick to begin with. Let’s just pick one to start with to make the test quicker.

  • Pick a track file that’s on the USB Stick.
  • Add this track to rekordbox. Make sure grid and cue points are correct.
  • Create a playlist named ‘Test’ add only that track to it.
  • Export a new rekordbox XML to your desktop (no need for this on the USB).
  • Close rekordbox.
  • Open Rekord Buddy.
  • Drag the XML file you just exported on your desktop to the rekordbox line in the sidebar (not at the bottom of the sidebar but over the name of the first rekordbox collection in the sidebar).
  • Say yes to overwrite the collection data.
  • Find the test Playlist in that updated rekordbox collection in the sidebar.
  • Drag it to Traktor.
  • Close Rekord Buddy, save changes.
  • Open Traktor.

Do you see the playlist with that track in it?
Does the track have the correct grid and cue points?
Is the track location still on the USB Stick?

Let’s start with this and only thing for now.