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Syncing in MRB2 no issues/warnings out side of a few random tracks. Open Rekordbox, load track from XML and the cues and grids are off beat for the tracks… some are perfect, but the majority are not.
Am i missing something?

All the grids that are off, seem to be off by the exact same amount …?

If this is mostly MP3 files then this is a known issue that we dealt with in the 2.1 beta. Can you give this a try and see if you get better results?

We are still looking for tracks which shown this problem to test/improve our fix so if you could also PM me with a couple of tracks to try, that would be super helpful.


Could you clarify though, this seems to have happening on about 90% of a whole library. That fits the known issue?

Yes I can send you some files

It’s impossible to tell for sure without taking a look at your tracks myself but if they are MP3s I would give the 2.1beta a try like I suggested.

If some of tracks you have are not fixed by this, we can take it from there and take a closer look.

So, i don’t have access to CDJs so i can’t actually check the files, but is it possible that my grids on serato are actually slightly off, its just cause RekordBox gives a lot more precise visual feedback of the waves that Im actually seeing the grids are off?

I think I’ve mentioned this in my previous replies. There is a known issues with how apps like Serato, Traktor, rekordbox deal with certain types of MP3 files.

Rekord Buddy 2.1beta deals with this issue and fixes the timing for those tracks.

The only way to make sure that’s this is the issue you are facing is either for me to look at the files myself or for you to try the 2.1beta and see if it fixes the problem you are seeing.

I’ve received the MP3 files you sent me via PM, let me take a look when I’m back in the office on Monday.

Yes, I did try it with the Beta. But it didn’t solve the problem.
Okay let me know what you find out.

Following. I’m very interested in this issue as well.

I took a look at @Simonjok’s test files and it looks like they are indeed cases not currently handled correctly by my cue marker code.

The good news is that this is fixable now that I have samples that show the problem, the bad news is that I won’t be able to look at this until after the next 2.1beta ships.

If this is not acceptable I can provide a refund, as is stated in our refund policy. Otherwise, it will get fixed as soon as I have a full day to look at it in more details.

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