From Traktor to Serato sync failed (and RB cancelled)

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0.22(217)

My OS Version: 10.10.5

I started using Rekord Buddy to sync from my Traktor database to Rekordbox and it worked very well; today I started using Serato DJ Pro (that currently has an empty database) andI tried to sync all my 3 sw but evidently RB starts syncing from Serato data cancelling everything on RB. In the beginning, when I started using RB, i indicated to start from Traktor collection but seems that something changed now and I don’t know where I can go to fix the source for sync.

Can you help me please?

Many thanks.


Welcome to the forums.

2.0.22 is very old. The current version of Rekord Buddy is 2.1.5 (at the time of writing this).

2.1 allows you to see all your collections and to drag and drop between them as you want. This should make it easier to only pick the bits you want from one collection and add it to another collection without overwriting everything in that other collection.

Hello Damie, many thanks! I checked for updates from RB but it said it was the last version!!! :((
Where I can download the last updates?

Many thanks.

Easy. Log in to your account on the site. Check Previous Purchases. There is a license and downloads section there.


This is when you click on a license. Go back to the screen before that and click on ‘View Details and Downloads’ on your purchase line.

Hello, the .dmg that I can download is a 2.02 version…39

I think you’re reading the URL wrong. the %20 are space characters in the URL so the test you are seeing spells ‘Rekord Buddy 2’. It’s the latest release build.

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