First Time Use Problems - Serato

Hey Damien,

So, just downloaded your app and trying to get set up, but the app keeps crashing anytime I try to add music to my Rekordbox collection. What’s up?

It looks like the problem may be stemming from Serato, and I am unable to move music from there into either Rekordbox or Rekord Buddy.

I made your post public because it doesn’t look like it needs to be private and it can helps others.

Check out this post for some tips on posting when asking for help.

What version of the app are you currently using?

Just purchased and downloaded on Friday, 11/1, so whichever version was available then

Wooooeeee! Your update def. fixed the problem and the result is glorious! Life just got way better. :smile:

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Glad we got it sorted!

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