First look at the Phase wireless system

Mojaxx spends a lot of time NOT in the DJ CIty UK lab these days :smile:

You can pre-order here if that’s your bag, in my case I don’t see a lot of benefit when I’m just playing tracks and not really scratching.

I put in my pre-order. The advantages I can see already:

No Timecode Record Runout

Not consistently replacing timecode vinyl (a $60 per year invesment for me)

Not consistently replacing stylii (A $110 per year investment for me)

Not dealing with faulty tonearms, contacts, or grounds while on the road. (often, I am the only person at the event playing on turntables, so promoters don’t pay attention to the quality of the decks)

Being able to have a custom picture disc made once and it lasting a lifetime

Being able to have markers painted, printed, drawn directly on the control surface

One less step in setting up (if you need to use an interface). Just have your interface and phase box velcroed to each other and plug to rca cables directly into the mixer.

Being able to place turntables in any position you want (no worrying about accidentally bumping a tonearm)

Adding the ability to re-purpose old turntables into portable controllers (most of the body of a turntable is due to sound dampening, tone-arm placement, and feet). Imagine 3D printing a new housing to just contain the start stop, power, motor, 33/45, and pitch fader.

It definitely makes the setup easier, I’ll give you that. You can walk in to place and play without having to dig up or disconnect the turntable connections. I didn’t think of that.

I thought of the housing when I saw those at NAMM. I’m wondering if someone like Jesse Dean Design will jump on this.

Thinking about it some more, what I really want is a Phase that would emulate a soundcard via the USB connection so that the DJ app would get the DVS signal directly from the Phase and then the two audio outputs would be real audio coming from the laptop. That would be sweet.

That is a really fantastic idea. Wouldn’t that far off (hardware-wise) from what they already have. The PI Hat interfaces alone would only add an extra half inch to the body of that receiver.

Yeah, they just need to beef up the soundcard in there. I’m guessing it’s a 4xout but they also need a ‘fake’ 4xin that just sends the DVS signal to the USB.

Doesn’t sound that crazy to do, does it?

Not hard at all. Only issue would be getting Traktor Scratch and Serato DVS certification.

Ah yes! You nailed it. That’s probably why they punted to the sideline for now.