Files not imported in RekordBox

I was very happy to have discovered Rekord Buddy to transfer my Trakor collection to Rekordbox: finally a conversion tool for windows, which in addition takes care of the cue point offset problems. I block on the other hand on a small problem. let me explain :
I try to keep Traktor in parallel with rekordbox (Traktor as main collection and Rekordbox to create keys for CDJs)
Until now, I used Cross DJ to do this transfer, everything was going well except for the cue points and the shifted grid.
With Rekord Buddy, no more lag problem but some files are not imported (around 1200 out of 16000) (attached screenshot of the Rekordbox log file).
I also noticed that when I open the Traktor collection in
Rekord Buddy and I open trakor again, it discovers new files when I haven’t added any. By doing a Check Consistency, it finds them. oddly, it’s the same files that don’t import into rekordbox.
My config:
Windows 10
Traktor 3.42
Rekordbox 6.5
Rekord Buddy 2.2

Did you encounter this problem?

Thanks in advance.


This is my research on the 26ms shift issue
I’ve done this at the time that rekordbuddy had no windows beta, so I havent tested it recently