Feature Suggestions for bulk metadata editing

Hello, I tend to import my tracks directly into Rekord Buddy, tidy up the tags and set the genre etc in large batches, and then drag them into my various DJ softwares for performance. This workflow of batch editing tags in Rekord Buddy is quite slow, and needs a lot of mouse work. A couple of feature requests that would make the tagging and metadata experience far easier, for me at least:

  1. Allow the music to play while the metadata editor screen is displayed, this way I can listen to the tracks as I edit their metadata and set genres. Rekord Buddy is often the first place I go to familiarise myself with new music. This is hard when the music stops playing when I go to tag it.

  2. Add ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons to the metadata editor window that will accept the changes and load the next/previous track. This will save clicking ‘OK’, moving mouse to the next song in the list, and double clicking to bring up the editor. Keeping the text insert focus on the same field in the next/previous track would also speed up this workflow, as frequently I only need to add one type of tag to many tracks in a row.

  3. Keyboard shortcuts for the aforementioned ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons, command+up/down arrow (or something), this will save mouse use entirely while editing a large number of tracks in a row.

  4. Keyboard shortcut to start playback of the track currently loaded into the metadata editor, this allows the track currently being edited to also be the track currently playing without mousing around or having to leave the metadata editing window.

  5. A playhead and scrubber along the bottom of the metadata editor, sometimes setting genre tags requires a quick scrub through the song. A playhead in the Touch Bar would also be very handy, and/or a keyboard shortcut that skips ahead 30-45 seconds, or whatever time increment you/the user decides.

  6. If Touch Bar support doesn’t interest you, adding Menu Bar items allows the user to build their own Touch Bar integration using software like Better Touch Tool. I would be very interested in using the Touch Bar for things like playback controls and next/previous track editing navigation (see suggestion 2/3), if these things had menu bar items I could create these buttons myself for the Touch Bar!

I love Rekord Buddy and I really appreciate the effort you put into it. I hope these suggestions seem useful to you, and I am very happy to work with you if you have any further questions about these ideas!

Thank you Damien!

Agreed on all suggestions. I have a fairly big list of items to get through ahead of this but this is definitely in the plans for the future. I want Rekord Buddy to be the best tool for managing collections.

thanks for the kind words!

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