Exporting rekordbox xml file every time?

Can anyone help,
I set beat grids and cue points within Rekordbox and then use Rekordbuddy to transfer this over to serato. It works fine, however is there anyway I can do this without having to export the entire collection every time, and the have to delete my entire serato collection within rekorbuddy and replace it with the new updated xml file? If I have only edited say ten songs in rekordbox can i not just move them into rekordbuddy and then into serato on their own, keeping the rest of the collection as it is? Or do i have to do the entire collection again?

Many thanks


From rekordbox’s point of view there is no other option but to export a brand new XML every time.

When you then drag that XML onto the rekordbox section in Rekord Buddy, this won’t affect your Serato collection, it will just update the bridge file that rekordbox and Rekord Buddy use.

You can then just grab your ten new tracks from the Rekordbox section in Rekord Buddy and only drag those to Serato. That should work.

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