Error when dragging and dropping playlists

Get this error when dragging and dropping playlists from Rekordbox to Rekordbuddy, Serato, and Traktor in the latest build.


I moved your post into its own section. Let me look at my error logs to see if I see the issue pop up. What exact version are you using? Is this new?

B27 and yes

So now it is happening regardless of which platform to what. I tried each of the four to each of the four and crash. :frowning:

Let me look at the error logs see if I see this.

Ok I fixed one issue you encountered in this debug build.

I also added some more information regarding your drag and drop error. Can you try and reproduce the issue using this build and describe to me how you make it happen so I can try and reproduce this here?

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I downloaded and installed this build. The install lagged for quite a while. Crashes on opening. After uninstalling and re-installing, same except now it crashes after the “I understand and have backups” prompt is clicked.

I’m not seeing any error reports from you with version 2.2b28. Are you seeing a crash or a ‘Something Wonderful’ dialog?

Neither. Giving the new beta a go now.

THe latest beta seems to be working. :slight_smile: Now, we just need that Engine Integration. :-p

Weird. I’m not sure where the issue came from…