Error when checking for updates!

My Rekord Buddy Version: V2.0.22(217)

My OS Version: High Sierra 10.13.6

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. For months now, when checking for updates, I get this message:

I think the old server is not forwarding the requests to the new one. I’ve tried to fix something. Can you check and see if it works now?

Same here.
Just reinstaled The program 3 days ago and get that error

@coyootte Can you provide a bit more info as to what version of the app you are using right now?

I still get the error.
I’m using v2.0.22(217)

I’ve investigated and this is caused by the hosting service messing up a certificate update that the update URL is relying on.

I’ve asked for it to get fixed but rest assured that there are no update available for the time being in the 2.0 branch. The latest version available is the 2.1beta.

This should be fixed by the hosting company now. Thanks guys for reporting it!

Hey Damien,

Currently having this error myself man…

I’m trying to update my Rekord Buddy (as I haven’t done so since I installed - it’s currently on 2.0.22(217)) and no matter what I do I receive the same error as mentioned earlier (“An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.”)

Have tried closing all other apps, restarting my Mac etc.

Any help you could offer would be great, as when I use it currently, it warns me that the version I’m on isn’t strictly compatible with the version of Rekordbox I’m using…


Let me try and reproduce this on my end.

Thanks Damien, is there anything I can give you from my end to help (logs etc)?

Can you try and manually download the latest version (from your purchases on your account) and try to get new updates with that version?