Error to activate license

good morning, I am having this problem, and I only have activated in a single macbook pro. please can you help me, thanks!

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I am having that said same issue…

I’ve reset your auths. Next time if you can just DM me, saves clogging up the forums with multiple ‘reset my auths’ topics. Thanks!

I just ordered an licence on Rekord Buddy 2, but didn’t’ noticed that this licence was only for Mac. Clicking on the refund link results in an error page not found.
How can I refund please ?
Or is de windows version coming soon ?
#231914 January 28, 2020 $49.00
Grtz, Sander Mols

There should be a very first Windows beta out this week. If you prefer a refund I can do that too.

Let me know.

I’m having the same issue with my license, could you also please reset? Sorry I can’t locate on the site how to DM u

You can actually reset your authorizations yourself via your account whenever you need to. It’s much easier now.