Error Reading Your Rekordbox Collection

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0.29
My OS Version: 10.12.15
** Rekordbox version: 5.7.0

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open rekordbuddy
  2. Press Sync button
  3. Import everything from rekordbox
  4. Select the .xml file - i’ve tried both the Rekordbox.xml and Rekordbox DJCU.xml file

What I expected to happen:
I’m not sure i just started using rekordbuddy but i wanted to export playlists from rekordbox into traktor

What actually happens instead:

I get an error message saying “error reading your rekordbox collection. The collection could be corrupted or unsupported.”

I get a different error messsage on the different .xml file which says. "Error reading your rekordbox collection. The collection could be corrupted, unsupported or contain invalid characters.

Line 5: Attribute reading redefined

I think you are pointing to an invalid XML file.

Did you export your collection to XML from rekorbox itself? That’s the file you need to use.

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