Error creating Rekord Buddy Collection

I am a bit frustrated this morning. I purchased this software hoping to use the Beta Version on Windows would work. I’ve updated the beta forum with the information as well and have not received a response. I’ve also attempted to install RekordBuddy Beta MAC on a virtual machine and that has also not worked. In this case, I’ve gone ahead and uninstalled the windows version and the beta version on the virtual machine.

Now, I’m trying to install the Rekord Buddy 2 main installer (This is the version that is not in beta) This is the installer that is included with my license. It appears the Rekody Buddy 2 application opens but I receive an error message.

“Error creating Rekord Buddy Collection”

"Volume “Rekord Buddy 2” Might be read-only.

I’ve changed the application to read only in the properties of the application. It is still not working. Could someone please assist me?

@Damien or someone can you please help with this? I cannot use the program.

What exactly are you trying to do here? Why are you trying to create a new collection on the installer’s own volume?

Few questions to help lead us in the right direction:

  • Do you need a new Rekord Buddy collection on another volume?
  • Did you try and use the app between your rekordbox and Serato collections already?
  • Did you check out the tutorial video and the app manual (in the help menu)?

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