Engine Prime, Playlists and Crates

I bought a Prime GO and I’m in the middle of adding Engine support to Rekord Buddy. There’s something I really don’t get though.

Whats the difference between playlists and crates in engine prime? Why on earth do they have those two things that look like they do almost the same thing?

Any engine wiz can offer some insight?

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From what I remember playlists allow you add songs with the order that you customize/desire. And crates do not. It’s quite confusing on why there’s a distinction between the 2 but one allows functions that the other does not have. ALSO…crates allow for the ability to see all songs within the sub crates etc. It’s like a master library and every crate below it etc. Kinda like Serato. I’m not sure if playlists have to be handle independently like rekordbox’s limitation for years. rekordbox has always made you go into each individual playlists ignoring the parent folder.

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It is a bit weird and took me a while to understand. Crates are non ordered as has been described, so in my workflow I import my Traktor Playlists for types of music as crates so for example I have a master Drum & Bass crate with sub crates for different styles and moods. This is where I will flick between when playing live and on the fly.

I import “set” playlists from Traktor as playlists, and these will retain a numerical order. I quite like keeping them separate so if I want to play from or find an ordered set then I flick over to playlist mode.

It means that I might start a set playing from a pre-arranged playlist but then decide to go off piste and click onto crates and go digging through, but if I click the playlist button then I’ll be right back where I was on my arranged set. So in essence there’s hardly any difference at all. If syncing between Engine Prime and Trakor or others perhaps it would be good to have a field to define whether each playlist from Traktor is to be designated as a crate or playlist in EP. Maybe default to crate unless you specify playlist?

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