Empty rekordbox collection on init

Thx damien.

Now I see the application tree. Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor. But there are no Tracks in the rekordbox tree. Serato works, Traktor too but rekordbox doesn’t.

I’ve moved your post to a new topic because it can get confusing to post about unrelated issues in one single topic.

rekordbox doesn’t populate automatically because we don’t access the rekordbox collection directly. In order to prime the rekordbox XML bridge, export your rekordbox collection to XML (from the rekordbox app itself) and then simply drag that XML file over the rekordbox collection in Rekord Buddy (drag it on top of the ‘rekordbox’ header in the sidebar).

This will set the XML bridge file to be an exact copy of that data you just exported, which means it will reflect your current rekordbox collection. This XML bridge file is the default one used by rekordbox when you set up the XML bridge. Meaning you will see the content of that file in the rekordbox XML section in the rekordbox app itself.

From then on, changes you make to the rekordbox section in Rekord Buddy will be posted to that file and will be visible in the rekordbox XML bridge in rekordbox. If you make changes in rekordbox that you want to copy over to other apps, you’ll need to re-export an XML file from rekordbox and drop it again in Rekord Buddy so it can gran the changes.

Thanks again damien.

Okay. The drag and drop info was the missing link :smiley:

This worked so far but when I click on All Tracks, it crashes immediately. Same behaviour when I click on a (not empty playlist).
It doesn’t crash when I click on an empty playlist (checked this twice by creating a playlist and leaving it empty and by emptieing an existing playlist) or a folder.

All tracks where? in the Rekord Buddy collection? rekordbox collection? Tell me more :slight_smile:

All Tracks in the rekordbox collection.

I import the rb .xml, click on all tracks in the rekordbox collection and the app crashes.

In the Rekord Buddy collection are no tracks.

That sounds like something that needs fixing. Can you zip up and DM me a copy of your rekordbox.xml file (in ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/rekordbox.xml) so I can try and reproduce this here?

I wanted to reproduce it from the beginning to be sure that I didn’t make a mistake somewhere in between and did the following:

  • deleted the ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/rekordbox.xml
  • started Rekord Buddy (Final, not Beta)
  • imported the freshly exported rekordbox library

This works, as described in the other thread it crashes when I try to export to Serato.

Then I started the beta (642). I got the message that my Rekord Buddy collection had to be reset.

At this point, the Serato and Traktor parts are working, I can access all playlists in both, the rekordbox section is empty. I drag and drop the exported rb Library xml to Rekord Buddy. I can see my playlists in the rekordbox section.

The Rekord Buddy section is empty (except “All Tracks, Artists…” etc. - only the headlines). No Tracks in this collection. The rekordbox.xml in my Library/Pioneer… contains only this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<DJ_PLAYLISTS Version="1.0.0">
    <PRODUCT Name="Rekord Buddy" Version="2.1beta(642)" Company="next.audio"></PRODUCT>
    <COLLECTION Entries="0">
        <NODE Type="0" Name="ROOT" Count="0">

Now I click on All Tracks in the rekordbox section and Rekord Buddy crashes.

I guess that’s not what you expected, is it? Do I miss something? :eyes::neutral_face:

It looks like it’s dying on an empty rekordbox collection. Let me try and repro here.

Installed the beta 644 today. No changes.

mmm… that’s odd… I’m not getting this at all here. It just displays an empty playlist for me.

Can you try the new build I’m posting tonight to make sure we are using the same code and we’ll go from there?

Sure, no problem :slight_smile:

Sorry to say that but it’s the same behaviour with the beta 647 :confused:

No that’s good. At least we know it didn’t magically fix itself which is good.

Let me look at the crash reports on my end and see if I see yours.

There is a much better error reporting system in the new 2.1 builds. If you get a chance can you try to download 2.1.13 or above and give it a shot?

Great job Damien.

With the latest 2.1.17 it works. Thanks for your support.

Is it possible to extend my subscription für the time that I couldn’t use rb? I’ve purchased the subscription at September, 27th.

I have no idea if the subscription system on the web site will let me do that but I will look into it.

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