Duplicates in Playlists

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2

**My OS Version: 10.14.2 **

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

Syncing playlists from Serato to Traktor Pro 3. Serato library is protected. I did one sync and then changed a few things within playlists in Rekord Buddy and did another sync.

Now all of my playlists in Traktor have duplicates of every track.

What is the solution to this?

It looks like it somehow thinks the paths for those tracks have changed (that’s what it uses to determine if a track is unique or not).

Let try this, can you download and install the current 2.1beta. Import from Serato (won’t changes anything in your Serato collection, just read) then export to Traktor (use the force flag to re-update everything.

Let me know if that fixes the Traktor collection.

I’m having a new issue where serato freezes when trying to load my crates. So I can’t even use serato now.

I also realized that I had a backup hard drive hooked up which could explain the duplicate tracks. The issue is still there after syncing with just the main hard drive.

Did you try my suggestion with the 2.1beta though?

I tried to use the beta but it got stuck at around 75% for over an hour. I think this was during the save playlist phase. Any suggestions?

well that looks like a big list of separate issues, something is definitely wrong here…

How big is your library? does it seem to import correctly from Serato into Rekord Buddy (in the 2.1beta)?

I haven’t heard back so I’m assuming you’ve got it sorted out. Post back here if that’s not the case or start a new thread if you encounter a different problem.

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