Download Link has expired

Good evening,

I would like to install and activate Rekordbuddy 2 on my new MacBook Pro. Unfortunately my download link has expired since the purchase. Could you please generate a new link for the Rekordbuddy 2 Installer?

best regards

Hey man,

Pretty sure if you sign in with your login and go to

You can see your past purchases, and access a currently active download.

Hope that helps :+1:

Correct, you will always have the latest release version, as well as your license key, in your purchase history. We’d recommend running the 2.1 stable beta, though, as it has a whole host of fixes that will help with stability and usability.

Hey astromech,

How can I tell which builds in that thread are stable? Looking in the forum, I can see there are a bunch of different iterations of the 2.1 beta build…


The one I link to in my last post is stable. Build 557.

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