Download Link for Rekord Buddy on the App Store?

Hi Damien,
Is there a link to download the software , I can’t get rekordbuddy from the Apple App Store in my area :man_shrugging: And I’ve deleted my copy :see_no_evil:
Thanks buddy

Welcome to the forums @NathanW. I separated out your post into a new topic because you were answering to an unrelated post with a question about something else. It’s better to keep things organized.

Rekord Buddy has not been on the App Store since version 1.7 which hasn’t been supported in two years. If you bought it on the App Store then it will appear in your list of purchases in the App Store app but even the current 1.7 build is about to expire because its Apple Certificate is about to expire.

If you’re looking for Rekord Buddy 2.x then the link will be in your purchases on this website after logging in to the account you used to purchase the app.

Hope this helps.

Ive logged in but can’t find purchases Damien ? This is very distressing

That would be something you need to look into with the AppStore themselves. If you bought the app under a given iCloud account then the app will show in your previous purchases. I don’t run the AppStore so I can’t be of any help there unfortunately.

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