Double time hot cues in Traktor

Hi,i have converted hot cues and memory cues points from Rekordbox to Traktor
The problem is that a song in Rekordbox with 3 hot cues in Traktor after the conversion has double hot cues and sometimes even more

Please help, thanks

Let’s try with just one track. Take a look at it in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy (double click on the track to view the markers), then drag it over to the Traktor section of Rekord Buddy and take a look at the same track there after the copy. Can you see the same markers there or do you see the markers duplicated too?

Here is the same song in rekordbuddy collection , RB collection and Traktor

the problem is still there …I have put 4 new songs in Rekkordbox dj and save 2 hotcues for each track then make the process with rekordbuddy and ended up in Traktor the 2 songs correct and the other 2 songs missing a hotcue both (only 1 hot cue )

Let’s forget about the track in Rekord Buddy for now, it doesn’t affect what we are looking at.

In rekordbox and Traktor I’m seeing the same thing so this looks correct. Is it normal for you track in rekordbox to have a hot cue and a memory cue on the same spot?

Is it possible that you have the ‘duplicate hotcues to memory cues’ set in Rekord Buddy preferences and that you’ve copied some track to Rekordbox then back to Traktor?

yes its normal to have hot cue and memory cue on the spot of the song.

No I never use " duplicate hotcues to memory cues "

Ok so I’m starting to understand a bit more now.

So what I’m seeing on the screenshots is that the cues you have in Traktor for that track match the ones in rekorbdox. There doesn’t seem to be any issue for that track.

So where do you see the double hot cues then? Can you post a screenshot of where you see the problem for this same track?