Does album cover art syncs from Traktor?

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:
MAC High Sierra

Traktor version

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. install Rekord Buddy 2.0
  2. Setup and sync Rekord Buddy according manual - no problems
  3. Setup and sync to Rekord Box according manual

What I expected to happen:
All album art covers should be taken from Traktor

What actually happens instead:
Only some album art is in place. All Album art that I personally linked to tracks in Traktor isn’t in Rekord Buddy.
Is it an option somewhere that I forgot to tick?

Thank you

This is probably related to a known issue in Traktor where it doesn’t re-read the cover art that’s not in its cache. Cover art is part of the track file itself and doesn’t really need syncing.

Will there be an update for Traktor 3?

Traktor Pro 3 works with Rekord Buddy 2. Though we advise people move to the 2.1 beta to have the best compatibility.

I’m using the Beta and there is the artwork still not syncing

Where are you syncing from? Does the artwork show up in Rekord Buddy 2?

Where are you syncing from? I’m not sure I understand the question.
Does the artwork show up in Rekord Buddy 2? Yes.

Which software are you syncing from?

And did you read the FAQ about Traktor and artwork in the post above?

Which software are you syncing from? Serato

And did you read the FAQ about Traktor and artwork in the post above? Yes. It don’t work I tried editing the track like changing the name then “OK” nothing, put the original name back again nothing.

Is there any pattern to the missing tracks? Same playlist, same date added, same folder location?

Everything is on point besides the artwork

Do you have alerts for errors set up in Traktor? It might tell you about the artwork. Sometimes I get an error saying artwork is too big to display.

all of the syncs, if I load the files before sync no issues

Back to my previous question… is there a pattern to the music with missing artwork? same folder? playlist?

I’ll make a quick note here and point back to the FAQ link above. The issue seems to be always related to Traktor not updating the artwork correctly because it doesn’t realize the track is new for some reason. It’s in Traktor’s code so unfortunately I can’t look into it.

One thing the FAQ mentions it to delete the track from Traktor, add it manually by dropping the track file in Traktor (this should load the artwork correctly). After that, syncing will let Traktor use the same cached artwork it found the first time. The 2.1beta will work best for this so that you can force export to Traktor in a single step.