#DeleteFacebook and other social media too

Looking back this was a long time coming but in the end it all really unfolded rather quickly. Over the last year or so I’ve become more and more uncomfortable with so called social media as a whole, both with the need to expose my life on it and the need to follow other people’s. The recent political issues surrounding FB and Twitter and their lack of taking any responsibility for what they benefited from financially only served to make the whole thing feel even more yucky to me.

As a person, I’ve deserted social media a long time ago. I kept work related profiles for a while, then I turned those into Rekord Buddy profiles to make sure people were aware that these were commercial endeavors and not personal posts. Now this too feels wrong.

It’s hard to step away from FB/Twitter and the marketing powerhouse that they provide. It’s hard not to feel that doing do could hurt my business and my future prosperity. At the same time I can’t have it both ways. I can’t despise everything that social media stands for and represents while keeping a foot in that area, hoping to somehow benefit from their shenanigans.

At some point I need to make a choice and make sure it’s something that I feel good about, not some half-ass compromise. It’s about principles. FB/Twitter/Insta/etc are fucking evil. There’s no two ways about it. They only care about one thing, their bottom line and they don’t feel responsible for any consequences of their actions or decisions. Witness the deafening silence coming from FB right now about the Cambridge Analytica debacle or from Twitter about its recent (and multiple) woes.

For me, this stops now. I’m done. This post by Mastodon’s creator was the final straw. He’s right.

My personal social media profiles are long gone but even Rekord Buddy’s ones will disappear as soon as they will allow me to pull the plug. If you want to chit chat or follow my personal saga you can find all this on djs.social. If you want Rekord Buddy related news or info, as mentioned before this forum will be the place to get it. I’m toying with other avenues that are all decentralized, open-source and will provide a much better conduit to building, and retaining, a community around my little app.

Just writing this feels so much better already. I don’t care if this costs me followers or commercial opportunities. I don’t want their blood money. I’m done with this social media BS.

I’ll add this link to a great tidbit from Daring Fireball. I could not agree more. FB (and other social media) never had the plot. They were scamming people from the very beginning.

People are only just starting to notice.