De authorize computer

Hello i need to get my computers de-authorized and start over I guess? Everything was working fine and I updated and then i get the too many computers activated message.

I deleted the program and re downloaded and deactivated everything from the site but this message still pops up. Let me know what I’m supposed to do from here. Thank you!

You don’t seem to have any activations on your current license. Do you want to contact me via DM so that we can make sure you’re using the correct license?

Will do thank you!

Following up on the DM you sent me, you can see that the license you have has not been activated yet (it says 0/2 in the screenshot you sent me).

You never said which version number you were using. Can you update to the latest build (2.1.5 currently) and see if maybe you were encountering the licensing issue that was in the early 2.1 builds?

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