Database not updating 2.1 Beta

I dont know if I need to reinitialize or if that’s even possible but I am importing from Serato and exporting to Rekordbox but 2.1 Beta isnt showing me my most up to date Serato crates/database.

I moved this topic to the support section.

Are you talking about importing the old Rekord Buddy 2.0 database or importing Serato into Rekord Buddy 2.1beta?

In 2.1 Beta. It basically let me initialize when I first installed the beta and hasnt updated the database for me since then.

Right but my question was more a clarification of what you mean by ‘updated the database’. Do you mean that changes in Serato don’t update when you import Serato again?

Also, if you’re using 2.1, did you try the ‘force’ option when importing or exporting?

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