Cues Not Importing From Serato To Rekordbox


I am having trouble with my cues importing from Serato to Rekordbox. Many of them don’t transfer over but some do. Some tracks end up in Rekordbox with just like one or two cues imported. When I look at the track info inside of Rekord Buddy it shows that there is cue information on the tracks.

How can I fix this? Importing over cues from Serato to Rekordbox is the most of the reason I use Rekordbuddy.

Thank you

Let’s try with just one track. Pick one that currently doesn’t seem to work for you.

Take a look at it in the Serato section of Rekord Buddy (double click on the track to view the markers), then drag it over to the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy and take a look at the same track in the rekordbox section after the copy. Can you see the same markers there or not?

Its most likely a wrong combination of serato, rekordbuddy and rekordbox. I’ve requested information about this months ago. It should be a box that tells us what verisions of the different DJ softwares that are supported by the current Rekord Buddy Build. Using 2.x is not good enough. I have spent TO many hours trying to figure this out… :frowning: And now when I downloaded the latest versions of RekordBuddy since I reinstalled my system, I had to use a newer RekordBuddy version, and that messed up everything again. :frowning: Looking forward to place on the website where I can find info about supported versions.

@ktone There is no know issue with version incompatibly that would cause this.

The only version ‘problem’ of recent times is rekordbox which has a bug in its importer since 5.6.2 and of course rekordbox 6 which doesn’t export anymore.

Outside of this, the reason why I don’t display specific versions is because there aren’t specific issues at this time. If you have something that you think is related to a version problem, open a new topic and let’s investigate together. It’s working fine for the vast majority of people around the world so I’m sure we can find your problem if there is one.

Don’t spend hours trying to sort something by yourself. Reach out and let’s look at it together.

Hi, so I think I am beginning to understand what’s happening here.

I think the issue is that when I import my serato library to rekorbox via rekordbuddy there are times when I import tracks that I have not yet set cue points for. I have a folder called ‘go over’ in Serato. This is the folder that I dump all my new tracks in before I get a chance to tag them and then put them in the applicable crates.

I was importing this crate called ‘go over’ into Rekordbox through Rekordbuddy.

So then I will go through this crate and tag tracks but because they have already been imported in to Rekordbox previously with no cue points, they aren’t there.

Does this make sense?

Is there a way to get Rekordbox to rescan for these cue points? Or do this in Rekordbuddy?

This would account for why I often have huge numbers of tracks not making the jump with their assigned cue points.

Damien, I really appreciate what you are doing for the DJ community with this software and how much you are available on these forums. Thank you!

i too am having this same issue

i just recently found out about rekordbuddy and i have been in the middle of the switch from serato to rekordbox so the majority of the files im tryng to get my cue points from serato i have already loaded into recordbox so when i tried to use this program it did not work for me either. i too am also interested in knowing if there is a way to get rekordbox to rescan for cue points

I think you guys are hitting a long standing bug in rekordbox which has been there since 5.6.1 :exploding_head:

It’s described in the last warning in this paragraph in the manual. Can you try this:

  • In rekordbox, pick one track where the cue points don’t update.
  • Find it in the ‘All Tracks’ section of the XML bridge.
  • Right click and choose ‘Import to collection’.
  • Make sure you are asked to overwrite metadata. Say yes.
  • Now check the cue points.

Let me know if that makes a difference for this track.


i got rekord buddy to migrate from serato to rekordbox. Now I have the same issue as the people mentioned above me: approxemately 1 song contains cue points when analizing in rekordbox of 30 tracks. All tracks had exactly 3 hot cues in serato.I tried Rb5.8 and RB6. Same outcome. This is really annoying as I tried everything by now and over 1100 hot cued tracks could not be translated.

The hot cued track which is working:

Found 7 markers.

GRID at 0.016 seconds, 135 bpm, first downbeat

CUE at 14.237 seconds, hotcue #0, RGB Color 0xe62828

CUE at 14.237 seconds

CUE at 128.028 seconds, hotcue #1, RGB Color 0xe0641b

CUE at 128.028 seconds

CUE at 227.586 seconds, hotcue #2, RGB Color 0x6473ff

CUE at 227.586 seconds

Markers/Grid are not completely compatible with Serato:

Does not support memory cues (found 3).

One of the many tracks which is not working:

Found 7 marker(s).

GRID at 0.042 seconds, 128 bpm, first downbeat

CUE at 15.04 seconds, hotcue #0, RGB Color 0xe62828

CUE at 15.04 seconds

CUE at 75.051 seconds, hotcue #1, RGB Color 0xe0641b

CUE at 75.051 seconds

CUE at 165.058 seconds, hotcue #2, RGB Color 0x6473ff

CUE at 165.058 seconds

Markers/Grid are not completely compatible with Serato:

Does not support memory cues (found 3).

I hope a solution can be found as your mentioned tip did not bring a solution and for now I paid approx. 59 Dollar for nothing.

Kind regards

That’s a bit harsh and unnecessary. You found an issue which could be an issue with Rekord Buddy, a user error or something that’s not supported by Serato. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s investigate.

As I mentionned above, the best thing to do is to pick just one track that does not work. The info you are posting isn’t clear on what programs it is from and it’s about two different tracks so it’s not easy to spot an issue.

  • Let me know the exact version of the app you are using.
  • Pick one track, drag it from Serato to rekordbox in Rekord Buddy.
  • Let me know if you see any warnings after that copy.
  • Get the track info for that track in the Serato section of Rekord Buddy. Copy a screenshot here.
  • Get the track info for that track in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy. Copy a screenshot here.

We will pick it up from here.

Sorry, I have been trying so hard to get this working for hours and was just so frustrating at that moment… I found following information:

  • Let me know the exact version of the app you are using.

I am using 2.2b27 as the rekord buddy version

  • Pick one track, drag it from Serato to rekordbox in Rekord Buddy. Let me know if you see any warnings after that copy.

Actually, this ist he first time this shows up:

„Are you sure? Some of these tracks are not on the same volume as the destination collection. This is not supported by Rekord Buddy collections and any such tracks will be skipped.“

but only for the one particular track, the others that I tried afterwards were not giving any notification.

The warning you’re mentioning is normal. Rekord Buddy doesn’t support adding tracks to a collection if they are on another volume on your computer. You can solve this by creating another collection collection on the volume the track is on and then adding the track to that collection.

This brings up one point. If all you care about is getting tracks from Serato to rekordbox, don’t worry with copying them to a Rekord Buddy collection for now. You don’t need that extra step. You can drag directly from Serato to rekordbox.

Now, regarding your test track, things look ok. The cues are there, there are slightly offset but I’m guessing this is because your track is a certain type of MP3 or an M4A file. Let’s ignore that for the time being.

Next step, in the rekordbox section in Rekord Buddy create a playlist and name it TEST. Add that track from the rekordbox All Track section to that playlist. Exit and save changes.

Open rekordbox. Look in the XML bridge section of the browser. Do you see your TEST playlist in there? Is the track in there? Right click on the track and choose import to collection. Say yes to overwrite metadata if it comes up.

Now go to the main collection section in the rekordbox app. Find that track. How do the cues look now?

In the past 24 hours I tried to open the App, but it says the beta has expired. I unistalled with all the folders and downloaded the newest version and I still face the issue. Do you have any ideas? Otherwise I would try your reccomodation if this works soon.

I just posted an updated beta build.

Okay, I only came until this step:

But there is no way of creating any noew playlist. No button but also no description in the manual.

What is this? :slight_smile:

The right click does not work for me. So I cannot create anything. I tried it several times in several ways.

That’s odd… can you take a screenshot showing where you are trying to right-click? I’m wondering if you are doing it in a read only collection.

I really tried everything so far. The only thing which I can right-click is the top record buddy section to create a collection; But that is obviously not what I want.

Good evening.
I have upcoming private gigs in about 1 1/2 weeks and it would be awesome if we can fix the current issue until then. I am daily tying to find new ways to create folders, but no chance. But I also do not want to cue 1100 tracks with 3 cues each again. That is why I bought the software…
It would therefore be really awesome if we can find a solution for it. I am online daily, multiple times, to aswer quickly as this is really important to me.
Thank you.

Dear Damien,

This is it—Deadlineday and no reply whatsoever. I owned the software for a month now, have been patient, always stated immediately requested information. It is not working; I lost an essential gig in the period of Corona as I could not play at full potential without my Cue Points; I am speechless. I worked many years in customer services myself and a reply, especially for the amount of 60 Euro, should be natural. I only had trouble until now, delayed responses or no responses at all.
Therefore, I would like you to issue a refund as I am completely unsatisfied with the service and the product offered.

Thank you in advance.