Cue Points - Serato to Rekordbox Util

What I have understand, do you read all info about bpm, key, cues etc from each programs DB - correct?

Will it be possible to read that info from the mp4/mp3 direct? When I have migrated from Serato to Rekordbox, when i’m adding new files that have cue points already - I don’t want to import them to Serato and then export to rekordbox again.

What I want and a few friends of mine - possible to read cue info from the files direct and convert it to rekordbox format. Is it possible to do? :slight_smile:


I’ve moved your message to the support section of the site.

Serato doesn’t store cue points and beat grid in its database. It only stores them in the files so what you are describing is already what is taking place. Rekord Buddy reads Serato cue points and beat grids from the track file itself.

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Aha, perfect then and sorry for posting it wrong :slight_smile:

Is it possible to just convert a few files then and no need to have Serato installed first to convert it? I guess it’s not possible today - but maybe “tomorrow”?


Correct, maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: For real, please put it on your list “Nice to have” so you won’t forget it :wink: I bet more ppl want a feature like that.


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You sure about that? I almost hesitate to argue as you ought to know, but Serato does use it database to store certain metadata depending on the file format. And I’m sure that includes cues and beatgrids, but I could be wrong.

It stores track titles, genres, bpm and other meta data but not the markers.

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