Cue points from Traktor not transferring to Rekordbox


These have worked previously but not this week. I am only getting the initial cue points across from Traktor and not any others when I transfer. I have a radio show in a few hours and need to get my cue points sorted in advance.

Rekordbox 5.8.5
Traktor 3.3.0 108
Rekordbuddy latest beta

Looks like it only picks up the grid marker and not the cues… I did everything the same way that I usually do… Some of the tracks only have 3 markers (Grid, First beat Cue, 1 additional Cue)

Here I have edited the cue points so there are only 3 and still it tells me that it is more than the supported 3…

Fixed my own issue!!

The current Beta version on Windows seems to struggle with Traktor hot cues specifically. I have removed them and replaced with beat grid points instead and all works fine. This is something that used to work fine in the previous beta as I have imported tracks with hot cues in my library from a few weeks back.

Let me take a look and see if I can reproduce this here.

Latest doesn’t help once you go back to a message and some other version have been posted since. Can you help me with the exact version please?

I did actually look for the version but as you have decided to develop the only app without a help/about section, I gave up assuming that as the beta dies every 13 days, you would know which one is the only current live version.

Version of your app is 2.2b20 (101e12d9)

That’s not nice and I don’t think that’ accurate. What happens when you use the File->About menu entry? Isn’t that where about sections are normally?

It doesn’t help because ‘current’ is dependent on the time I read the message. If I have posted multiple versions since your message ‘current’ is incorrect and could lead me to assume you are using the real current version. That’s why it’s important to give me the exact app version.

The error you are seeing doesn’t say it’s using ‘more’ than three markers. It says some of the hot cue numbers are invalid. In this case you have the preferences set to only output 3 hot cues (which would be 0 - 1 - 2 and you have a hot cue on 3. Rekord Buddy doesn’t move hot cues so it’s telling you that that last hot cue doesn’t fit within the first 3 hot cue slots

Unless you are using some old CDJs, you can safely set the preferences in Rekord Buddy to output more that 3 hotcue slots. This will make the message go away.

Apologies, it is there on the file menu, but us Windows guys are used to it being on the help drop down (not the file drop down).

I was using the splash screen to get the version number.

I think this is something I have to look at. I’m using a cross platform UI system (Qt) that doesn’t always do the right thing. macOS has it in Files. It’s a fairly easy fix.