Cue points from Itunes (Serato)

Hey there

Can i import my cue points from iTunes, made in serato, to rekordbox with Rekord Buddy ?

iTunes doesn’t store cue points anywhere so those would be imported if you have a Serato collection.

Are you saying that you have no Serato installed but you have tracks that have Serato cue points in them anyway?

Yes - Got Serato and do all my cue points and loops there, but all my music is done in Itunes.
I don’t use Serato creats.

So wat I want is to import all cue points and loops to rekordbox - Can RB that, and how ?

Do you have Serato installed on the computer though?

Yes. I play from Serato, but sometimes i have to use Rekordbox, and thats why I want my cue points and loops from Itunes/Serato in Rekordbox - Is it possible ???

It is. I just posted a new 2.1beta build that will let you do that.

Using 2.1beta(633) or higher, you can drag playlist and crates from iTunes and those will NOT overwrite the markers in the destination collection. That means you can grab tracks/markers from Serato and then just grab playlists and folders from iTunes.

  • First you drag tracks from Serato to rekordbox (this will copy the track info and markers).
  • Then you drag playlists and folders from iTunes to rekordbox (this will not remove marker info previously added to rekordbox).

Try it and let me know if his works for you.

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