Cue Points and Grid Info not syncing

Hello Everyone,

I am now using Serato as my main playlist source. Cue Points and Grids are not syncing to either Traktor or Rekordbox. :frowning:

I went back through my collection. It IS syncing hot cues for most tracks. The tracks that it is not syncing hot cues for are the tracks that have “named” hot cues in serato. Is a fix for this coming in a future update? Otherwise, I will happily go back and remove all the hot cue names.

That sounds like a bug. Let me see if I can replicate this here.

You’re using 2.0 or the 2.1beta?

I am currently using 2.0

Can I have you try the 2.1beta and use that to import from Serato then force export to Traktor?

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Just checking back in to see if you had time to try the beta?

I did not. I will wait on the 2.1 full update.

Got it. I’ll close this thread then. Just start a new one if you encounter any issues when 2.1 comes out.