Crashes upon first sync

My Rekord Buddy Version:

Rekord buddy version 2.0.22

My OS Version:

Mac OSX 10.12.6
Also have 16 GB of RAM memory

Steps required to reproduce the problem:
Opend rekord buddy for first sync. Press sync and it gets through half of a loading bar before stopping and crashing. It makes my whole computer freeze up. I hard restart my computer in hopes of reseting but instead the problem comtinues. I tried to uninstal and reinstal rekord buddy and that doesnt work. I also tried holding down ALT while starting rekord buddy. It givss me the option to reset the database. I reset the database in hopes of solving the issue but that failed as well. Please send help!!

Hi there,

Could you try the older 2.1 beta and see if that fixes it?

Sure thing. ill try it right now!

so i tried the other version, and it did not freeze my pc. im a little laggy typing this but that it. rekord buddy beta has stopped about half way through. i gave it a little more then hal hour before replying but yes it is in the same spot

i just clicked back into rekord buddy and its like 3/4s now. i think this defiantly did the trick

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That’s good. If yo have a large collection, it will take a while

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