Crashes in CDJs

Hi, I used Rekordbuddy for the first time to prep tunes for a gig. All the wav files I had purchased from Bandcamp read on Rekordbox and Serato but crashed the CDJS and Traktor ( I tried to use that as a backup but failed). Any help please?

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I’m not aware of any issue that would cause this to happen.

Are you on macOS? Can the tracks be played by Quicktime? If so, this would indicate an issue in Pioneer and Traktor’s code.

Hi Damien, thank you. I enquired and several DJ professionals indicated that they had instability and compatibility issues with Rekord Buddy. If the purpose of the service is to move between platforms and systems fluidly, then this is a real problem. Any thoughts?

It’s not a known problem at the moment (and I have feedback from thousands of people around the world). Anyone who tells you this should come on this forum and help figure out where the issue comes from, if there is really an issue. I can’t do anything based on hearsay but I’m good with solving problems that I can reproduce :slight_smile:

I don’t copy the files from rekordbox to a CDJ USB key, rekordbox does. so if the file plays in rekordbox but not on a CDJ then it sounds like a CDJ firmware issue.

In order to diagnose this, can you help me with the following questions:

  • Can you play the track in Quicktime?
  • Can you play the track in rekordbox?
  • What do you mean by ‘crash’ on a CDJ? Does the unit lock up?

The unit did not recognize the files and then shut down.

You forgot those two questions:

I’m not trying to be annoying, it’s just that every question I ask has a purpose and is designed to help me diagnose the problem.

Hello, just checking back on this as it sounded like an important issue that I’d never heard about before.

If it is in fact something that is confirmed by ‘several DJ professionals’ like you said then I’d love for you to see if you can answer my question or maybe put me in touch with those professionals so I can investigate?

Hi Damien, I did send several emails but it seems I need to get into the forum to respond. I used some wav. files to convert from Serato to Rekordbox. They worked perfectly in all programs but at the gig the CDJs could not read the files froze. A DJ professional I spoke to shared that there were similar reports in the community - of Rekordbuddy being ‘unstable.’ Otherwise, that is all I can share at this time.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure where you sent the emails. This is the only place where I provide support for Rekord Buddy so make sure any question is posted here and nowhere else.

I can 100% confirm to you that there is no known issue with Rekord Buddy causing WAV files to crash CDJs. If the files work fine on other platforms then this would indicate a bug in the CDJ firmware, not on Rekord Buddy’s part.

I find it very suspicious that somehow there would be reports ‘in the community’ about something like this and that no one would have reported this to me here. It doesn’t make any sense.

So if someone has a a step by step procedure on how to reproduce this, I am in constant touch with Pioneer and I can have them look at the issue if it is, in fact, cause by something that Rekord Buddy is doing.

But let me re-iterate that discussing this ‘in the community’ is pointless. The Rekord Buddy community is here and I’m the one who can fix the issues when they arise. Tell your DJ ‘Professional’ to reach out to me and show me the problem.


Appreciate your response, hopefully this won’t happen again.

If we do nothing and this is a real issue then it will happen again.

Instead, why don’t you reach out to the people you mention who have experienced this issue and tell them to contact me on this forum so that we can investigate? It’s the only way to be sure.