Crashes EVERYTIME it finishes exporting

Rekord Buddy 2

MAC OS High Sierra

*Use the app

It crashes EVERYTIME it finishes exporting and moves on to the saving phase. It also has been taking2-3 hours for it to fully even finishing exporting. Below is my crash report. Is anyone deal with this/ have a fix? I reopen the app and nothing has been updated.

Incident Identifier: FA7603FD-522C-4907-865C-E3E7AF68D1AD
CrashReporter Key: CD9C19C5-B71C-59CA-ABC9-9CA6E49B0059
Hardware Model: MacBookPro9,2
Process: Rekord Buddy 2 B [76296]
Version: 2.1.0 (535)
Code Type: X86-64
Parent Process: launchd [1]

Date/Time: 2019-05-17 20:17:10 +0000
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 (17G65)
Report Version: 104

Exception Type: SIGABRT
Exception Codes: #0 at 0x7fff6c49ab66
Crashed Thread: 4


Which version are you using?

rekord buddy 2. tried to instal the new beta but it says it has expired

I replied to you in a DM. Try the stable 2.1 beta.

And if I can ask for a huge favor, try not to do multiple posts for the same problem. It makes out life so much harder here to keep track of everything. Thank you!

Welp, i’m having same issue. RB seems very finicky. Tried to export and i get message “you’ve found a critical bug” - great, glad i could help! So i tried installing RB beta and that didn’t work either. So i reset the DB and now nothing works :frowning: Claims my license has been used on too many computers. I’ve DM Damien and have been waiting for 24 hours with no response. Call me grumpy, but jesus…How about you raise the RB price so you can support this software properly???

i got no help from them except to retry another beta. still not working. gave up and i switched to DJCU. its only $20 and works faster

Hi, @gregv2. You should be able to reset your license when you log into the site and go to your purchase history. That should solve your issue with using the beta.

Regarding general support, we’re a very small team, and work through things as quickly as we can. I can only apologise for the slow progress. We ask people to switch to the 2.1 beta to eliminate a whole host of issues that were identified and fixed in that version. Much of that is to do with error handling when there’s corruption in a music collection (which these crashes are often a symptom of), which Rekord Buddy makes great pains in ensuring is safely transferred.

We need to go through the process of eliminating issues to work out what’s going on.

Thanks astro. It was very easy to deactivate once i knew how so thanks. Unfortunately, i’ve given up and switched to DJCU. The UI is from the 90s but it works w/o all the fuss that RB requires. Wishing you guys the best!

Thanks for the feedback @Mathias301 and @gregv2 (although ‘no help’ is a bit extreme when I personally tried to help you).

I hope you guys will take a look back at the app once 2.1 ships. I think you will love it and it will make all the hard work worth it.