Crash when exporting to rekordbox

After updating RB won’t let me import from Serato and crashes every time I try!?
Need help, pls!!!

Sorry for the question but do you mean deleting all the recordbox xml playlists in Recordbox itself or am I just to stupid to find my xml file!?:see_no_evil::grimacing:

I’m really sorry but I’m so desperate, trying it for 3 days now and de-/reinstalling of all softwares also didn’t help!

@Dirty_Dens you’re getting a different issue than the one described in the topic you originally replied to so I’m separating this into its own topic.

Can you update to the latest build (2.0.27) and then make sure you select ‘send crash on next launch’ and then relaunch the app? We’ll pick it up from there.

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Hey there, after deleting Rekordbox (incl. all xml files, …) and Record Buddy completely again (12 times), I reinstalled them + updated both softwares again, it finally works proper again!
The new Record Buddy version, now that it works, is even way faster!
Can’t describe what happened or what I may did different but I’m glad it works without crashing or having any issues!
I’ll keep you informed, if there’ll be any problems!
Thank you for your offered help!:pray:t2:

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Post back here if you get the same issue again. I don’t think we’ve fixed anything.

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