Crash in RB 617 : Create New Traktor Playlist

The Rekord Buddy 617 is crashed when I create a new playlist to Traktor (application).
I am following the below steps:

  1. Open the application (Traktor)
  2. Create a new playlist and put some tracks to this
  3. Close the application
    4)Open the RB (617) application
  4. Search for the new playlist that I have created (Traktor collection)
  5. The RB (617) is crashed.

Thank you for the detailed report. I need a bit more info to understand how to reproduce this.

What do you mean by ‘search for the new playlist’? What is the exact step that causes the crash? Are you clicking in the triangle next to the Traktor collection? Are you clicking on the one next to the playlists?

The RB (617) is crashed when I am clicking in the playlist.

@GMous Can you try the latest build (631) and let me know if this still happens to you?

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