Crash in 613 when transferring whole Traktor collection directly to Recordbox XML

when drag&drop’ing my whole Collection from Traktor 2.6.8 node to Rekordbox node, Rekordbuddy build 613 crashes. Where can I find the crash log and how can I send this to you?

With this new version, the logs should be sent automatically to us when a crash happens. Let me see if I can find them.

Can you get the same crash by drag and dropping just a single track or a single playlist?

Nifty - I did press the “send to Apple” dialog with the stackdump when it popped up. Individual tracks and playlists work, just when I select-all from “All Tracks” and drag-and-drop from Traktor 2.6.8 to RB it happens after about or minute or two where it syncs just fine, so I suspect one track has some weird data in it.

Can you try the crash with the new build (617)? I think I’ve fixed an issue which didn’t send the crash logs correctly.

I also turned off the Apple dialog because that doesn’t send me anything, it sends it to Apple.

Sent one with 617 just now.

Let me take a look as soon as I’ve shipped the new build.

@mrfusion Can you try the latest build (633) or higher and let me know if this still happens to you?

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