Crash in (613): Attempting to use SHIFT to multi-select playlists

Messing around trying some things, I thought I’d try to use SHIFT-select to grab multiple playlists. This crashed the app.

I can’t multi select playlists here when I press shift. Can you give me a step by step example and maybe a screenshot?

You can’t, but quickly shift clicking multiple playlists (in the Traktor 3.1.1 node, for me) causes a crash. In fact, just quickly clicking between different playlists gets the crash.

mmm… I can’t seem to repro this here.

Can you check whether this still happens in (614) when it’s available?

Can you try the crash with the new build (617)?

Why is this topic not showing up in the main topic list or in my list of assigned topics? Did you do something different when you posted it?

I created it in the beta section. Didn’t do anything beyond default settings…

Still crashes when I quickly select different playlists in the Traktor 3.1.1 node.

Can you reproduce this in the current 2.1beta build?