Crash during import - single mp3

Hi Damien,

Posting this topic as requested. We have already spoken via email with same subject line.

I’ve had rekordbuddy crashing when importing a playlist from serato DJ Pro to rekordbox.

It took me 2 painful hours, right before a gig, to ascertain what the problem was.

It was a single mp3 (that i have in fact copied over before without issue in previous versions of serato/rekordbox/rekordbuddy).

Trying to import any playlist that contains this file crashes rekordbuddy. That includes importing to Rekordbuddys playlist or to the Rekordbox XML.

Renaming, copying or moving the file makes no difference. I want to know what is causing this because it almost cost me a gig.

Can you import this file into rekordbuddy without it crashing?

Link to mp3 : Sent via email

Mac OS : OSX 10.12.6 Sierra

Serato DJ Pro : (Latest)

Rekordbox : 5.8.5 (Latest / Last v5 build)

Rekordbuddy : v2.1.42 (Latest)

Many thanks

I can copy this track between Serato, rekordbox and Rekord Buddy with no problem on my end.

Describe what you mean by ‘import any playlist that contains this file’? Do you mean drag and drop the playlist in Rekord Buddy?


Yes I open up serato playlists and drag a playlist over to the rekordbox or rekordbuddy playlists. This is what I’ve always done (with this build)

As soon as one of my serato playlists or folders contains that one single mp3, Rekordbuddy crashes. If I go into serato and remove the mp3, close it and try again in rekordbuddy, it does not crash.

Are there logs generated somewhere?

just following up. where can i find rekordbuddy logs (if thats possible). surely there is some verbose logging available or some kind of error handling that might reveal whats happening?

Otherwise can you suggest something I could try? perhaps resetting rekordbuddy?

by the way, I tested with a fresh Rekordbox XML and had the same issue, so we can eliminate that.

I know this is not high priority for you but I just dont want this happening again on some random file. Its an absolute nightmare to track down the problematic file - the one in question wasn’t even new. it is a couple years old. downloaded straight from juno. nothing special about it. but i just happened to add it to a playlist and then the next few hours of my life were loads of fun.


@damien anything? even log location?

@damien come on man! :frowning:

Dude cmon. give me a troubleshooting suggestion AT LEAST

Posting repeatedly and/or trying to email me directly will not make things go faster. It may actually do the opposite.

One thing you didn’t mention is whether you get a real crash or a ‘something wonderful’ dialog. If it’s the second one I can look again to see if I get a report on my end.

Hey man If you don’t respond for 2 weeks the logical conclusion is that you may need a reminder. I understand you’re super busy but my hands are tied without your expertise. And I rely on your software on a weekly basis… as many of us do.

I’m more than happy to troubleshoot if i can find a log file with some kind of clue as to whats causing the crash on only certain files

To answer your question, Rekordbuddy just closes immediately. No dialog and no errors thrown

I don’t need reminders. I just do as much as I can with the limited resources that I have (i.e. just me). That’s why I’m now open sourcing the app so that others can join in and help out.

It sounds like this is a hard crash then. Check the Console app (in Utilities) and see if you find a crash log for Rekord Buddy. If you do, copy it and DM it to me. Do no post it in this thread as it contains private information.

Understood. Will send. Thanks

Hi @damien

I have DM’s you the crash log.